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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Movijovem – Mobilidade Juvenil, CIPRL is committed to protecting your privacy by complying with the legal obligations under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council (hereinafter GDPR) and other legislation in force with regard to personal data protection, thus ensuring you can continue to trust us with your personal data. 

Whenever you interact with us, you may share personal information that allows us to access your identification as an individual (e.g. name, email, address, telephone number). These elements are known as ‘personal data’. 

In this Privacy Policy, we explain who we are, for what purposes can we use your data, how we process it, whom we share it with, how long we keep it for, as well as ways to contact us and exercise your rights. 

This Privacy Policy defines: 

Scope and acceptance; 

  1. Personal data collected by Movijovem; 
  2. Privacy of minors (children and young people); 
  3. Reasons why Movijovem collects personal data and what use does it give to them; 
  4. Sharing of personal data by Movijovem; 
  5. Compliance with current legislation; 
  6. Your rights 
  7. Data retention; 
  8. How to contact us. 

1. Scope and acceptance of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data we collect in order to offer you our products and services. 

Whenever you use Movijovem's websites (as defined below) or give us your personal data, you are accepting the practices set out in this Privacy Policy. 

Movijovem reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. We therefore invite you to consult it regularly to stay up to date with any changes. 

2. Data collected by Movijovem

Movijovem may collect your personal data from several sources, namely: 

Online and electronic interactions, through Movijovem websites, mobile applications, text messaging programs, Movijovem branded pages or third-party social media applications; 

Offline interactions, through marketing campaigns, surveys, studies, registration for promotions and contacts through Movijovem services; 

User interaction with targeted online content (e.g. advertisements) that Movijovem or service providers offer you on our behalf through third-party owned websites or applications. 


2.1. Data provided directly by the user 

You provide us, with your consent, the following data for a specific purpose: 

Personal contact information, i.e. data that allows Movijovem to contact you (e.g. name, address, email or telephone number); 

Demographic information including date of birth, age, gender, location (e.g. postcode, city and geo-location); 

Payment information, including data necessary to make bookings at Youth Hostels (e.g. credit card number, expiry date, invoice address) which will be deleted once the bank transaction is confirmed; 

Feedback from users of Movijovem services and products, including data shared with us about your experience of using those (e.g. satisfaction survey, comments and suggestions, testimonials and other personal feedback related to the services and products); 

User-generated content, including any content created and then shared with Movijovem when it is uploaded to one of our websites (e.g. photos, videos and personal stories). 

Movijovem websites operate with security protocols to ensure that the transmission of information is not viewed by third parties. 

However, please be advised that, by providing personal information online, there is a risk of interception and use of this information by third parties, so any information disclosed by these means will be the responsibility of users. 


2.2. Data we collect during your interaction with Movijovem websites 

We use cookies and other information technologies to collect certain types of information during your interaction with Movijovem websites. Please ensure that your computer, smartphone or tablet reflects your preference when it comes to accepting cookies. You can set your browser to alert you before accepting a cookie, or you can choose to reject it. If you do so, please bear in mind that you may not be able to register on our websites, or use other functions that require registration or information collection. 

For more information on how to disable cookies, please go to your browser's Help/Help menu (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Accepting cookies is not mandatory to access many areas of our websites or applications. However, cookies preferences are unique to each device and each one will have to be set according to your preference (for your cookies policy, access here). 


2.3. Means of Data Collection 

We may collect information about you from other legitimate sources for the purpose of offering you our products and services. These sources include data aggregators and third-party owned social media websites, Movijovem promotional partners and public sources. The data in question may include: 

Personal contact information; 

Any personal data, included in a social media profile, belonging to third parties who have been authorised by you to share it with us (e.g. name, email address, gender, date of birth, city, profile picture, user ID and friends list). You can find out more about the data we may collect about you by visiting the third-party owned social media website in question. 


3. Privacy of minors (children and young people)

Movijovem does not knowingly request or collect data from children under the age of 12. If we become aware of any accidental collection of personal data from children under the age of 12, such data will be removed from the records as soon as possible. 

However, Movijovem has the right to collect personal data from children under the age of 12 if they have been provided by their parents or guardians of by them directly and, therefore, with the explicit consent of the person concerned. 


4. Why Movijovem collects personal data how it used them

Movijovem collects and uses personal data, as strictly necessary, for some or all of the following purposes: 

Account maintenance - to create and maintain your accounts on our websites as well as to administer any user loyalty programs associated with your account. 

User service – to answer your queries, complaints and other feedback about our products and services. The service can be provided through various forms of communication, including email, post, telephone, online and online chats. 

User engagement – to allow you to more actively engage with our products and services. It may involve the use or publication of user-generated content. 

Personalisation - Movijovem may combine your personal data collected from one source (e.g. a website) with data collected from another source (e.g. an offline event). In this way, Movijovem can obtain a more complete profile of you as a user which, in turn, allows you to serve it better and in a more personalised way, namely in terms of: 

Websites – to improve and personalise your experience on websites, using data such as account login information, technical information on the computer and/or information about prior use of the same website; 

Products and services – to improve Movijovem's products and services, adapting them to your needs and creating new ideas for other products and services. This implies the use of demographic information, user profile data and user feedback; 

Communications – to provide you information about Movijovem's products and services, programs, hobbies, campaigns and competitions if you have chosen to receive them. These communications can be shared by electronic means (e.g. text message, emails, online advertising) and post. If you choose to receive a text message, your mobile operator's policy will apply, which may imply the payment of fees. 

Social features – to offer you a number of social features, including: 

Tracking - to view the usage history of our products and services to improve and personalise your experience. 

Community resources on a Movijovem website - Whenever you visit a Movijovem website with a community resource that you use to download or share photos, videos, artwork or other content, we may use or display the personal data you share on those websites. 

Third-party social media features - Movijovem may use your personal data when interacting with third-party social media features such as ‘Facebook Connect’ or ‘Facebook Like’. These features can be integrated into Movijovem websites for various purposes, including participation in contests, and allow users to share content with friends. If you use these resources, Movijovem may have access to certain personal data contained in the information that exists about you on social media. You can find out about how these resources work, as well as the data that Movijovem can obtain about your profile, by visiting the third-party owned social media website in question. 

Other specific purposes - We may use your personal data for other purposes, including maintaining the day-to-day operations and security of the Movijovem websites or for auditing purposes.


5. Sharing of personal data by Movijovem

Movijovem does not share users' personal data with third parties who intend to use it for any purpose, unless users have given specific consent to do so. The sharing of personal data with third parties, including public and/or private entities, is subject to the corresponding user’s specific consent. 

Therefore, your personal data may be transferred by third parties with whom we have institutional relationships, suppliers or service providers, who undertake to comply with all data protection laws and security requirements in the processing of personal data, through a written agreement.


6. Compliance with current legislation

Movijovem may disclose users' personal data if so required by law or when it considers in good faith that such disclosure is reasonably necessary in legal proceedings or to respond to any requests from national or foreign authorities.


7. Your rights

7.1. Right to cancel communications 

You may exercise your right to cancel communications you receive from Movijovem in the following ways: 

By following the opt-out instructions included in the communication in question; 

If you have a Movijovem account, by changing your preferences in your personal area; 

By contacting us by telephone and email below provided. 

Please note that, even after cancelling or requesting cancellation of communications, you may continue to receive administrative communications from Movijovem, including notifications regarding your account activities (e.g. account confirmations and password changes). 

The data subject also has the right to receive a copy of their personal information held by Movijovem. 


7.2. Access and rectification 

You have the right to request access to your personal data, simply by sending us a request for this purpose. Should Movijovem be unable to provide you with access to your personal data, it must provide you the reasons why. 

You also have the right to ask Movijovem to correct any inaccuracies and update your personal data. If you have an account on a Movijovem website, this can be done in your personal area. Alternatively, you can send us a request to rectify your data.


8. Data retention

Movijovem will retain your personal data only as long as necessary for the purpose in question, also taking into account our need to answer questions or solve problems, offer new and improved services and meet the appropriate legal requirements. 

This means that we may retain your personal data for a period of 18 months after your last interaction with us. 

Without prejudice to the above, as soon as personal data is no longer needed for the purposes described above, it will be securely destroyed or erased.


9. Contact us

Movijovem acts as personal data controller under this Privacy Policy. If you have any queries or comments about this or other data collection practices carried out by Movijovem, please contact us at: 

Telephone: (+351) 21 723 2100 from 09h00 to 18h00, Monday to Friday (except bank holidays); 


Address: Movijovem – Mobilidade Juvenil, CIPRL, Rua Lúcio de Azevedo, n.º 27, 1600-146 Lisboa.